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Middle-Income people in their 50’s and 60’s who plan to retire within the next

10 – 15 years have been underserved by the financial community. You’ve been diligent and worked hard to accumulate savings, but you’ve been left largely on your own to create a workable retirement strategy. And now - as you near retirement, you realize the game is changing - and action may be required.

Research is helpful but financial strategies are confusing and tax laws are a tangled web. Also, the Internet can be a cesspool of overwhelming, often contradictory information. 

Enter Real Retirement Advice
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A 100% educational resource so you to help you...wait for it...Create a financial future filled with safety, simplicity and STRENGTH! Subjects will be #financialplanning, #retirementplanning and #Taxplanning and the information here will concise, plain-spoken & delivered with (I hope) a dose of entertainment. You will find that I am deadly serious about your retirement, but life is too short to be deadly serious all the time! 

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Free Educational Resources

5 Questions to Ask About Medicare

What IS NOT covered my medicate is almost as important as what IS covered

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Yes, there are sexier topics,

but the penalties getting RMDs wrong are quite HUGE!

Are you truly

prepared for RMDs?

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5 Super Important things to know about Social Security

How  to increase your benefits and reduce how much tax you pay on Social Security

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