After helping thousands of Chicagoans

create their ideal retirement...

...I have an important message for you

Your retirement plan is probably just fine!

Yes, most people DO NOT need to make any changes.  Often, the most prudent thing to do is to hold tight and do nothing!

But how can you be confident that you've done enough? Or that you've made the best decisions? 

The mistake many people make is thinking of details like market risk or investments or tax rates first, instead of considering the 5 C’s of a comfortable retirement. 

Watch this quick video & see where you rate? (Your scores may surprise you!)

So how did you do?

Are you wondering if you did it accurately? 🤪

Do you wonder how you might stack up against others your age?

Some of you may have questions, concerns or even fears. Is that you?

If you didn't score 9's and 10's on the Retirement Comfort™ scale (or if you're not sure how to make an accurate assessment), you’d be well served by scheduling a short retirement checkup. 

It’s a no-obligation, complimentary phone call to discover how your retirement plan stacks up! 

Reminder: Doing nothing might be your best retirement strategy​

But if you have concerns, doesn't it make sense to get some answers?

What this IS: the retirement comfort™ checkup is a conversation about your future.


I actually like conversations. A friend once said "he would talk to the back of a refrigerator if it would speak to him".  I'm not that desperate but I do enjoy helping people. My business starts with a conversation. As I mentioned, most people's plans are ok right now - and I tell them that. Through the Retirement Comfort™ check up, some people identify as needing help, so I help them.

What this IS NOT: a sales pitch. There is no obligation whatsoever.

What you get from this: an independent review of how your plan stacks up with other future retirees.  

What you should NOT do: act like an ostrich!

He who acts like an ostrich sticks his head in the sand and ignores his looming retirement. Most people are fine; no action is needed. However, if you are aren't sure or know deep in the pits of your stomach that you haven't done enough - there is tremendous risk in not knowing where you stand.

My team and I look forward to providing you the real advice that nobody else is sharing.  Click now to schedule.  You'll be glad you did!