There will be another recession in this century. Another bear market and if your principal isn't protected properly - the potential exists for massive drawdowns. The question is:Is your personal investment time horizon long enough to offset such a decline and still achieve your goals?

Can Anyone Put Money in a Roth Ira?

Revealed: Roth accounts are really, really good but many Americans are confused about about how much they contribute, if they can put money away for a spouse and how much they have to earn to be eligible. Yes, there are rules and requirements and not everyone can partake. We've compiled the truths and secrets right here!

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Are You Protecting Your Principal?

The Myth of Passive Investing

Embracing passive investing is a this sort of ‘cover your eyes and buy’ sort of attitude. Would you embrace the very same price-insensitive approach in buying a car? A house? Your clothes? Of course not. We are all very price-sensitive when it comes to these things. So why should investing be any different?'”

Why You May Have a Retirement Shortfall

For years, average investors have been told a bit of a story. That it’s best to buy stocks and forget about them - and that would be enough. They were promised something that, in many cases never
materialized - leaving a shortfall in their retirement savings.  

Buy and Hold - Is it Right for you?

Is it best of buy stock and forget about it? Well, your success depends on when the largest the largest bulk of your assets are invested and when you retire because not all twenty year periods are created equal. If you retired in 2000, you were a happy camper (retiree...) In 1980 or 2008, not so much. Is the strategy right for you?

Does Diversification Work Like it Should?

Diversification: It’s a word that makes investors feel good! The word rolls “sweet off the tongue.” It represents warmth of a blanket fresh out of the dryer, the scent of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls” But does it work the way you think it does?