Thank you for you taking the Retirement Comfort™ Predictor.  

Our algorithm has analyzed your answers with our proprietary weighting system. Our system compares our universe of experienced retirement outcomes with how people score themselves on this assessment and puts you in a relative “zone” for comparison. Our overarching goal is to prevent people from making changes, when those changes are not necessary, and to let people know when they should consider other approaches. 


Your Retirement Comfort Zone - You Got This!

Based on your responses, you fall into the “Comfort Zone”.  Approximately only 12% of survey respondents fall into this category.  This can indicate that you may have everything under control.

If in fact you feel under control, feel confident with your financial foresight, and predictability, your retirement strategy could be to simply be to stay put and do nothing different.

Congratulations, you should feel proud of where you are.  Not many people attain the Comfort Zone. 


However, no celebrations yet:  Our research and experience show that people who feel this good about their retirement plans rarely search the internet looking for new retirement information.

The two reasons we find people in your zone search are:  They may not be as confident in the future as their survey answers indicate, or they know that despite doing well, they want to do better.

Let’s perform a quick “spot check” to make sure your survey results are aligned with where you want to be in the Comfort Zone.


Pick an option:

Option 1: Confident

This survey was the icing on the cake.  It gives me 99% confidence in my retirement strategy.  In fact, I am comfortable! 

Suggestion: Keep on the path you are on. Go celebrate and schedule a chat with us only if you feel you are leaving money on the table or something changes

Option 2: Cautiously Optimistic


This survey indicates I am in the zone, but not at the top of it.  Therefore, I am less than 99% confident in my retirement strategy and only cautiously optimistic in my comfort.

Suggestion: Like getting serious news from one doctor, you might be well served by a second opinion.


Schedule a call with us to gain a different perspective

Option 3: Doubt


The survey is right mathematically, but my situation is unique and there is more behind the survey numbers.  I have some doubts about my retirement strategy. 

Suggestion: You are not alone.  In fact, over 80% of our clients start with a free consultation because their numbers show one thing,  but their feelings say another. 


Don’t wait! Schedule right now to explore why you feel the way you do!

For more information, watch the videos below!

Your retirement plan - There ought to be a better way!


Most people want to view themselves as "financially savvy" and having some control over the future. Right?


Unfortunately, most readily available financial advice is overwhelming and contradictory at best. Misleading and confusing at worst. Candidly, most of what you find on the Internet is garbage. We feel there ought too be a better way and there is.

We call it SECURiMENT™. Yes, that sounds like something that might hold your teeth together. SECURiMENT™ holds your future together!

Make sure your advisor checks your pulse for you!  


Not your heart, but your financial lifeline.  In other words, your advisor is working the strategy behind the-scenes, and the strategy is working for you.  You’ll know because your graphs and chart’s arrows are going up. 


Incidentally, I’m often asked how I got from helping people select the ideal wine to helping them plan the ideal retirement. I share my story in the 4 minute video below. (My 3 sons don’t find it interesting, but you might!)

Make sure your plan is maximizing tax benefits to ensure that Uncle Sam isn’t minimizing your retirement savings!  

You might be wondering how fiscal stimulus might affect the future of tax rates. I cover that in the short video below. Every period of extraordinary fiscal stimulus has been followed by higher tax rates. Incidentally, check out this page for a complete rundown on how to save money on taxes in the future. I share my "bucket" strategy. Think Bozo's buckets, but bucketing your assets the way I describe in the video is not for the clowns...

Make sure you have an understanding of how you will pay for your health care - so that it is carefree. In other words, have a plan to ensure you can afford to pay for whatever comes your way. 


Will your children really take care of you?


There are 4 ways to pay for long term care. Some are better than others. The benefit of having a plan in place is that your family can supervise your care rather than providing your care. Please watch this 5-minute video for an easy-to-absorb breakdown!


Our over-arching goal at Real Retirement Advice is for you to feel comfortable.


If you are reading this because you have some questions, concerns, or even a bit of fear that you don’t have a sound strategy, you can still use the wisdom above.  How?  Reach out to discover how your plan stacks up!  We get to tell many people they are doing just fine and we’ll let you know how your plan compares to others in your age range.