Social Security Claiming Strategies...Super Important or Extraordinarily Overblown?

This one #SocialSecurity mistake is costing the average household to miss out on $111,000.00! Only 4% of retirees claim Social Security at the most "financially optimal time." That means the remaining 96% are missing out on $3.4 trillion dollars, which averages out to just over $100,000.00 for most families!

Yes, you can claim Social Security benefits starting at age 62, but that doesn't mean you should. As @darryl at Real Retirement Advice explains to @erinkennedy, your benefits grow each year, by 8% the longer you wait to tap into it. But to figure out when you should claim, you need to take many factors into account including life expectancy, your family health history, and exactly what you'll need to live on in #retirement. And you need to know how your income streams will be #taxed.

In this chat #Darryl and #Erin had about social security mistakes, Darryl explains that there are other factors. That there are comfort decisions and there are analytical decisions. You may be surprised which one is better!

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