You're Social Distancing, but are you Risk Distancing?

We can all agree that social distancing is a good, right?

Well so is risk distancing - where get far away from the risks that could ruin your retirement plans.

We know many of you want to plan for your ideal retirement so you go online to do research, but the Internet can be an overwhelming.

And this causes confusion and inaction because you don’t have the confidence to reduce risk, even when you know that doing something is in your best interest.

We hate this and feel there ought to be a better way.

The better way is SECURiMENT.

With the SECURiMENT Retirement Success method, we simplify planning so you can take action.

We work to distance you from:

- Longevity Risk

- Market Risk

- Spending Risk

Longevity risk is the chance that you live a long, long life. While that’s generally a good thing (unless your children want your money), it means your nest egg has to last longer.

Here’s an example:

According longevity , a 65-year-old male in average health has a 50% chance of living to age 85. Because this is an average, it means half of the men 65 years of age will live past 85.

Your presumed life expectancy helps you determine how much can safely be spent each year – So you don’t outlive your nest egg!

Market Risk is the chance that volatility will work against you.

Preventing you from achieving the rate of return that allows you to maintain your desired standard of living

During retirement, when markets fall at the wrong time, and expenses stay constant, returns have to be higher in the future for you to end up in the same place.

That might lead to you taking more risk at a time when you should be taking less.

Finally, we have spending risk.

Unforeseen costs for things like

- Long term care (or regular health care)

- Or helping family members out

- Or putting a new roof on your house

- Or TAXES and giving too much to Uncle Sam

THE SECURiMENT method works to distance you from these risks so, if you’re unsure how your plan stacks up, contact us today for an evaluation.

You shouldn’t have to live with uncertainty

You shouldn’t have to worry about the future

You ought to be able to sleep at night

And you can with the SECURiMENT method.