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What are your income needs?

According to the IRI Fact Book, 61% of boomers haven't calculated how much money they need for retirement.  The reasons for this are numerous.  Who wants to consider getting older. That's no fun! But it's more nefarious than that. The future retirees I speak to are scared. They're scared because they know the answer and they don't like it. That retiring with enough money to maintain their lifestyle will be a tall order. 
Ignoring it won't make it any better.  My experience is that people are notoriously bad at estimating expenses or income needs so our team has created a simple, one-page fillable form to make sure you're not missing anything. It even adds up all your numbers at the bottom!
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2017 Tax Planning Guide

This comprehensive resource contains the following information
  • 2017 Federal Tax Brackets
  • Key Tax Filing Dates 
  • Retirement Account Deposit Maximums 
  • Social Security Tax Caps 
  • Changes in the Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Conversion and Re-characterization Dates
  • Tips for reducing Tax Liability
  • Information on Flexible Savings Accounts
  • Much, much more!
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Darryl Rosen MBA, RICP

Darryl Rosen is the founder of Rose Advisory Group, and operates as a way to help others create their ideal retirement. He is obsessed with helping people create safety, simplicity and strength in their financial future. Darryl’s clients enjoy his straight-forward, plain-spoken guidance, strategies to minimize taxes and ability to generate investment returns, while minimizing risk so his clients can sleep at night! Darryl is licensed to provide guidance on securities and insurance solutions and has achieved the highly desired Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) designation.

Darryl is the creator of the well-known SECURiMENT™ Retirement Planning Method. A simple to understand and implement planning method that demystifies retirement planning so that people can take action. Visit Rose Advisory Group to learn more! 

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