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The Magic Trick of Average Returns

The Silent Retirement Killer: Inertia

The silent retirement isn't market risk.  It's not inflation risk or tax rate risk.  No, the silent killer is inertia.  It's not having a plan for retirement.  It's planning more for your next vacation than how you're going to spend nearly 1/4 of your life.

Do you know the financial industry's "sleight of hand" magic trick regarding investment returns. In this short video, I peel back the curtain on how average investors are fooled by sexy returns.

Avoiding Systematic Investment Risk 

Reducing UnSystematic Market Risk 

Video #1 in a two-part video series on avoiding market loss.

This video examines unsystematic market risk and what to do about it.

Video #2 in a two-part video series on avoiding market loss.

This video examines systematic market risk and what to do about it.

Dollar Versus Percentage Gains

Investors are often asked to focus on annualized percentage returns, but this can divert them from the ultimate long-term goal: cumulative dollar returns. By not taking into account market downturns that can sometimes be masked by percentage return performance, it can be difficult to see the long-term effect market declines have on a portfolio’s ability to experience compounded growth...

How to Minimize the Max

The smart money knows that investing is about balancing risk and reward.  Nobody has a crystal ball and the best most of us can do is to minimize how far our investments fall if the overall market declines. In this 5 minute video, I explain the concept of Minimizing the "Max" drawdown and why it's so important that you limit your downside exposure.

Exiting The Investing Roller Coaster 

Your Retirement is NOT an Amusement Park. One of the best defenses against unpredictable markets is a long-term investment strategy that’s built around your needs, circumstances, and financial goals. Over the short term, market volatility, market declines, and other factors can have significant effects on your investment returns.

Is Social Security Taxed?

Many retirees don't know that social security benefits are taxed. Well, they are! In this short video I'll explain exactly how social security is taxed and how many years longer your money will last if your social security isn't taxed!

The Myth of Compounding!

For years, investors have been told a myth of sorts. That if they leave their money invested in the market, compounding will work it’s magic. Unfortunately, the experts left our part of the equation - which we’ll get to shortly. Compounding, a concept largely derived from how cash sitting in a bank grows, does not work the same way. (Video 4:45)

Will Your Kids Take Care Of You?

When asked about long term care, many future retirees expect  some PAY BACK from others - including their lovable children, but...Will your children really take care of you?  I'm a being a bit tongue and cheek here but with the average year of nursing home care projected to exceed $165K in 2035, it's no laughing matter... Enjoy this short video which will outline some options for you!