Fireside chats with #Erin and #Darryl (without the fire)

Most weeks Erin I chat about a current financial event that may affect your finances and your retirement. How she puts up with me, I'll never know. Maybe she does yoga or meditates before our calls!

Animated Videos

This is what I did during the first few months of the pandemic. I learned how to use a fancy whiteboard video to create light, informational videos with the added bonus of viewers not having to see my bald head the whole time.

Jill and Darryl's Awkward Retirement Conversations

Jill and I are not professional actors; I tried to spread the rumor of some light modeling in my 20's, but nobody believes that. For this series, I have enlisted my very first and favorite wife for some light hearted banter!

Questions I get about #retirementplanning - featuring #Joey

Joey is the #rearetirementadvice spokes doggie. One day with my laptop on my, lap, Joey moseyed on over and said "that's where I sit, Dad!" He saw what I was doing and asked some remarkably sophisticated questions about #retirementplanning. So I answer them in video.